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Dapat digunakan kembali Tunda Kondom Tertunda Condom

 Dapat digunakan kembali Tunda Kondom Tertunda Condom


Specifications: 1、Material: Medical silica gel; 2、Size: As shown (1mm=0.039 inch); 3、Product thickness: 0.30cm; 4、Item Weight: 50G; 5、Color: Transparent; 6、Package included:1* Condom; (In order to protect our consumers' privacy, no details about product on package.) Product function: 1、Function 1: Reuseable condom; 2、Function 2: Clitoral stimulation; 3、Function 3: Extend; 4、Function 4: Delayed; 5、Function 5:Deepen the relationship between husband and wife。 Product usage Description: 1,It can be used 50-100 times, please do not exceed 100 times. 2,After it is used, please use clean water for cleaning. 3,Like the use of condoms rolled up, and then into; 4,Please cooperate with the lubricant, the effect will be better. 5,Apply the lubricants to the outside of the condom. 6,This product is for individuals and couples to use, please note hygiene before and after use.

Tersedia Model: Red Box, Purple Box, Blue Box dan Green Box

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