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Ekslusif Dji Spark Remote Controller

Ekslusif Dji Spark Remote Controller


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DJI Spark Remote Controller
Spark's remote controller features a brand new Wi-Fi signal transmission system, capable of controlling the aircraft * and gimbal camera at a maximum transmission range of 1.2 mi (2 km). ** The remote controller can connect to a mobile device wirelessly and display a live video feed via DJI GO 4. Its folding clamps allow you to attach your mobile device securely. Maximum remote controller battery life is approximately 2.5 hours. *** * The Spark remote controller is currently only compatible with Spark aircraft. ** The remote controller can only reach its maximum transmission distance (FCC) in wide open areas with no electromagnetic interference and at an altitude of around 120 meters. *** Maximum operation time should be taken for reference only.

Note: Hanya Remote controller Spark

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